Patch Music is the latest project by Josh Weller, an electronic musician and multi-instrumentalist from the UK. After training in classical music from an early age he went on to develop a love of analogue synthesis and has put together a studio consisting of many flashing lights and a huge tangle of cables. Alongside his extensive network of collaborators and session-musicians, he offers to create soundtracks ranging from organic electronic music to full orchestral scores and anything in between.

In the past, Josh has had his music regularly featured on shows such as Come Dine With Me (Channel 4), Horizon (BBC), Location Location Location (Channel 4), Neighbours (Channel 5), The Gadget Show (Channel 5) and many more.

Selected TV shows regularly featured on

  • Come Dine With Me (BBC)
  • Horizon (BBC)
  • Location Location Location (Channel 4)
  • The Secret Millionaire (Channel 4)
  • Fifth Gear (Channel 5)
  • Gadget Show (Channel 5)
  • Neighbours (Channel 5)
  • Geordie Shore (MTV)
  • The Living Room (Australia)
  • Grillit Huurussa (Finland)


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