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As Good As It Gets

Full score and sound design

I was asked to write the full soundtrack for 2 trailers and a feature length documentary (available on Amazon Prime) telling the story of Leeds Rhinos winning ‘The Treble’ in 2015. The brief given by the director was simply “I want it to sound like a war film.” So I chose to use mostly orchestral score alongside granular synthesis to create the mood.

One of the most interesting parts of making the film soundtrack was in the sound design. It is mostly made out of sellotape. It turns out sellotape is an incredibly useful tool in sound design, it sounds not just like tape, but also picking grass, kicking a rugby ball and, most gruesomely, a leg breaking. Other notable sounds include my friends drunkenly shouting into a microphone to recreate the commentary. It was a lot of fun putting this together.

Produced by The City Talking
Directed by Lee Hicken
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