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Tommee Tippee Connected Sleep Trainer Clock

Sound Design and Composition

This was the second and more extensive project I did with Tommee Tippee for which they asked me to record several lullabies and noise loops to include in their Connected Sleep Trainer Clock. They also asked me to compose a couple of original lullabies to include for exclusive use across a range of their products.

For the noise loops I mostly used subtractive analogue synthesis as well as some granular synthesis methods and found sounds. I decided to use a piano for half of the lullabies and commissioned my friend and collaborator Philip Hepworth to perform the other half on acoustic guitar and compose the lullaby ‘Lily Pad’. I thought that using acoustic instruments would help give the clock a more upmarket feel as well as appeal to the older toddlers and young children they were aiming the product towards.

Produced by Tommee Tippee, a part of the Mayborn Group